By wolf pupy.

8:36 AM – i wake up in my nice dirt cave, its day time outside, the worst time.
thats right i said dirt cave, dug it my self. im not some rock cave idiot who just found a hole in some rocks.
for breakfast i have some milk and leftover meat from yesterdays animal skeletons.
the leftovers are good but i cant heat them up because as they say ‘theres no microwave in a dirt cave’.
even with that saying a dark cave is actually the coolest possible place to live and doing the coolest possible things is what being a wolf puppy is all about. i live here by myself, it is better than living with a pack. i think there is a term for it like ‘alone thing’ or something.

9:03 AM – time to get ready to go out. today i am going to the duck pond to have a look at the ducks and feed them.
i go to duck pond sometimes to sit and think my incredibly cerebral philosophical mind thoughts about life and come up with my award deserving ideas, in spring time there is little baby ducks there too.
a lot of people think ducks love bread but according to the microsoft encarta cd-rom it makes them fat and sick, so i give them lettuce and oats, which baby ducks seem to love but the big ones just want bread, i dont know why, maybe they have lost a part of their soul.
i guess we will never know or bother to find out.

9:24 AM – as i emerge from the cave, sunlight hits me, ugh i hate this. the sun is out…Still. i should have gone to the duck pond tonight instead but this thing is suppose to chronicle mysaturday not my saturnight so i guess i just have to deal with it.
sunlight burns your skin, when has moonlight ever burnt anyone? never probably. i hate to be damaged by this hellish light. you can be damaged by so much better things like sharp metals or chewing through electrical wire. any way now i have to walk all the way across the field to the park where the duck pond is.
i dont know how to write about walking to a place in an interesting way so i am not going to.

10:13 AM – i am at the duck pond at the park now, i am sitting down near the water throwing oats from a plastic bag at some ducks.
no baby ducks around this time of year but 3 of the baby ducks from last year that are big now are still here and they recognise me and swim over before all the other ducks realise i have food. guess i am pretty memorable to some.
today all the ducks are going wild for the oats, perhaps the bread craze is over.
lots of trees near the pond, sometimes i think about all the cool types of leaves that have gone extinct because vegetarian ate them all.
some idiot has thrown an old tyre into the pond on the other side near the reeds, humans are horrible like that. i hope someone throws a tyre into that person’s home one day, hopefully killing them somehow.

12:06 PM – i fell asleep at the duck pond and the ducks ate all the oats from the bag. oh well, cant pretend like it matters.
this was the only thing i planned to do today, go to the duck pond not fall asleep at the duck pond, that was entirely unplanned.
i guess i should go hunting for some lunch. i am not going to eat a duck if that is what you are thinking, even though they pulled the eating all the oats stunt you have to respect them for pretty much just floating around, eating, and not contributing anything to the world.
they are a lot like me in that way.

1:58 PM – i am back at home now. i guess i should have planned more than one thing to do today if i am going to write about it,
but i have never been one to plan things, i guess i’ve always just been smart like that, not thinking of things.
small trips outside of the cave are okay sometimes but i prefer to be here. some people would say that it is isolating but who the hell would want to be around those people with their saying things, not me that is for sure.
i like quietness, it doesn’t seem like a thing others value very much, always making their noises.
the cave floor is pretty much just dirt with skeletons about the place,  when you kill and eat your own meat you end up with a lot of skulls and bones laying around, these can be used to build a cool looking throne or some bracelets or whatever.
i do a lot of drawing and arts & craft stuff like that. i also practice my howling,
its the best way to communicate over large distances but since i dont have any one to talk to i mainly just do it for fun.

3:00 PM – the afternoon is basically just waiting around for the sun to get the hell out of the sky so we all can see the moon again.
talk about over staying your welcome. i am building this up like i have something secretly planned for the night time but i dont. i have sleeping planned but i cant really write during that, sleeping is really great though. like as a thing thats both enjoyable and takes up a lot of your time sleeping is probably the best thing of that.

6:48 PM – its raining a little bit outside, i like the sound of rain.
its also free water to drink so theres not much to complain about with rain.

8:06 PM – the moon is out now. pretty cool. this is the best time of day, the night, which isnt even part of the day if you think about it.
what a colossal screw up by whoever was in charge of that. i am going to go sit outside for a while.

12:36 PM – its midnight, ‘the witching hour’, called that for some reason. back in the cave again.
i am going to sleep on the soft dirt. its nice. goodnight.

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