l. 1 had a hayw1re week, so wh1le 1 ass1gned the entr1es for today, 1 d1d not follow up on, send 1nstruct1ons for, nor further commun1cate about them. 1’m runn1ng them 1f they come 1n, wh1ch, we’ll see.

ll. 1 spent my own Saturday at Ph1l1p Lopate’s Stalk1ng the Essay conference, where 1 p1rated the lectures of Wayne Koestenbaum and H1lton Als. They are of enormous 1nterest to the eye, so those are com1ng your way on Monday.

lll. 1 love read1ng subm1ss1ons—of course—but Enormous Eye 1s ass1gned 1n advance, as noted above. 1nterested part1es can send wr1t1ng samples to me, ARS, at rushandpush@gma1l.com for cons1derat1on, but 1t m1ght take me a wh1le to get back to you.

lV. St1ll…1’m post1ng a cold eye that came to my 1nbox unb1dden on Monday because 1 l1ke 1t so much, and because 1ts wr1ter broke the Saturday rule and 1 respect the urgency of somet1mes just need1ng, very badly, to lay out your Thursday. Plus, 1t’ll be n1ce to have at least one th1s week.

V. As you can probably tell by now: My eye key (and sorry for be1ng cute, there) 1s broken. How perfect a s1lenc1ng for th1s consummate f1rst person. Excuse the 1s, and rest assured that the entr1es themselves w1ll come to you w1th eyes 1ntact.