Jinnie Lee is a writer and editor in Brooklyn. She works at Bandcamp Daily and writes about books for Wmagazine.com.

8:57am, Greenpoint, my bed!

I would like to sleep more but I have to get up bc I have to poop. It’s the bad kind cus my stomach is in a particular kind of pain. Last night I went w Ellen to her friend’s bday picnic and I ate various slabs of cheese and now, hours later, my lactose intolerant tummy is being punished.

But before I make a dash for the b-room I listen to the snore app that I’ve been using sporadically since February bc apparently I snore sometimes and I had no idea. But like how would I even know unless I wake up next to someone on the reg who tells me these things? Anyway, tite—according to SnoreLab I actually did not snore at all last night.

9:10am, back in bed, yay

After my bout of the cheese sweats I climb back into bed and catch up on the socials. It appears 70% of my friends went to see Solange and Frank Ocean last night at Panorama, which kinda blows my mind how everyone was there. And then like 30% of those people got VIP access too, which is like extra crazy to me. I participate in the non-VIP sect of media. I go back to sleep.

12pm, still in bed

I was gonna go to the gym like an hour ago, oh well. I get out of bed only bc I smell cooked foods wafting into my bedroom and I realize I’m super hungry. I haven’t seen or talked to Alfie in a minute so I text to see what’s up.

12:45pm, Greenpoint, Lite Bites

The diner is empty. I sit alone in the corner and eat over easy eggs w toast. The home fries here are pretty bad. They add green bell peppers to their potatoes which I think is disgusto and unnecessary. Just as I finish my meal, my stomach starts hurting again 😦

1:35pm, my bathroom, woof

I go back home to poop out whatever dairy poison is left in my body. Good god. I make a mental note that I’m not allowed to have ANY cheese today.

Alfie says he’s out of town so I guess I’ll text someone else bc I’m simply addicted to hanging out w people and I can’t stand to be alone on this perfect-weather day or I will feel depressed, even though what I should do is tackle some freelance work w aggro deadlines coming up.

But I text Flynn and she immediately invites me over to hang out w her and Raffi which is GOOD NEWS.

2:20pm, Williamsburg, Flynn’s place, S. 2nd

I fucking love Raffi. Raffi is Flynn’s pomeranian and he’s also one of my best friends. He is one of the most empathetic pups I know. Several years ago at this very apartment, during her boyf’s bday party, I was having such an intense panic attack that I asked her to call 911. The paramedics came and put an oxygen mask on me bc I couldn’t breathe. Raffi the tiny fluffer stayed beside me the whole time to make sure I was okay. I love him very much and it’s great to hang with him. Flynn and I riff raff, we dilly dally, we drink and nosh, we goss. Also, I can’t help myself and I eat nachos w her, but it wasn’t too much queso 🙂

6:05pm, Greenpoint, back home

I check emails and stress about the work I should be doing. Also I’m a little gassy but it’s really not bad!

7:00pm, Greenpoint, Ari’s bday BBQ, yum

It’s my pal Ari’s 30th birthday celebration and we’re gathered in the backyard of Mim and Liza’s cute-ass apartment. There are fresh oysters and grilled octopus and shrimp salad and various impressive “adult” dishes to eat and I’m embarrassed the only things I contribute are a low-end bottle o’ red and tofu pups.

This crew is mostly music friends I met during the late aughts/early 2010s when DIY spaces were generously peppered throughout Williamsburg and every week and/or weekend consisted of us going to see a show and then drinking at Daddy’s. None of that exists anymore. My 20s have come and gone.

10:36pm, Greenpoint, Laure’s “welcome back to America” party

One more thingy before I tucker in for the night. At this point I’m kinda drained and I want to stop talking altogether but I still want to be around friends bc as I’ve said before I’m addicted to people. I’m a shy extrovert—I like to put in minimal work for maximum socializing.

So anyway. Greg and Laure have spent the past two years in a long-distance marriage—she in France, he in Brooklyn. They got married two years ago while she was in NYC on a Fulbright but there’s this “two-year home residency” requirement post-fellowship that is very strict so she had to go back to her home country which was a bummer and it felt like a lifetime. But now she’s back 🙂

1:30am, still here :-/

As a shocker to no one, I’m like the last person at this party (even though I’ve been exhausted for hours) and it’s just Greg and Laure, me, and the nice couple who’s hosting this at their beautiful apartment that is sprawling w healthy-looking plants. This was definitely a more grown-up party where people are in serio relationships or w long-term partners and whatnot, and these are the kind of grown-ups that leave parties at a reasonable time like midnight.

1:41am, my bed!

Where I belong.